Angry Bimmers NFT Project Attracting BMW Fans with Big Initial Sale

BMW fans finally have a way to purchase NFT art that really speaks to them. Recently, a brand new NFT project known as “Angry Bimmer” has launched on the popular Open Sea NFT marketplace.

A Collection of 143 of the Most Popular Bimmers

For those who are big fans of the iconic German automaker, Angry Bimmers offers a BMW model-based NFT that they will be looking for. The collection includes classic models such as the BMW 2002 to current halo models such as the ferocious BMW M8 Competition F92 Coupe. In addition to these popular models, there are Bimmers features from the 1970s all the way up to today.

Animated NFTs that Go to the Next Level

Going a step further than traditional static NFT art, Angry Bimmers features animation that makes it stand out from other NFT art projects. These animations feature the Bimmer revving itself up while blowing a large plume of exhaust smoke from its tailpipes.

Unique Attributes Available

Angry Bimmers NFTs offers a number of unique attributes that are sure to attract buyer and investor attention. Some unique attributes include police and taxi versions of BMW models. Also, some Angry Bimmer models feature rare M competition paint schemes as well as accompanying pets. No two Angry Bimmers are the same.

Created on the Popular Ethereum Blockchain 

The Angry Bimmers NFT project was created on the Ethereum blockchain. Many NFT collectors prefer art projects created on Ethereum due to the higher quality of projects and potential higher values of NFTs created on this blockchain.

Now Available on Open Sea

Angry Bimmers NFTs are now available on Open Sea - the world’s leading NFT marketplace.

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